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The Last Investor

The concept of philanthropy, the impact of not-for-profits, and the size and potential of the third sector has changed forever.

Change. Chaos. Two of Life's every-present elements.

Gone are the days of transom watching-hoping someday that someone will drop a huge check in an envelope through the transom.

Hewlett-Packard's battle cry: What If…

Let's play "What if…"

What if you are down to your LAST INVESTOR? Your organization has ONE last chance. You have one last investor.

The challenge: if you lose the Last Investor, you're out of business. You will no longer be able to impact your community and service your mission.

The last investor will either fund your vision or move on to other priorities. No two ways about it. Now, it is up to you…

How would you treat your Last Investor?

  • Would you only communicate through direct mail?
  • Would your last investor understand if you didn't call or visit in the last 6 months?
  • Would your only contact be a pledge reminder or impersonal thank you letter?
  • Would you focus on organizational needs or how the last investor wants to beneficially impact the community through your organization's solutions?
  • Would you try to explain (excuse) why the office misspelled the last investor's name? Or forgot to acknowledge the gift? Didn't personally invite him to the special event?
  • Would you be embarrassed if the organization didn't provide an investment report to the last investor?
  • Would you be forthright and candid about the organization's weaknesses as you are about its strengths?

Let's get back to playing What If…

  • What if you found a way to treat your Last Investor which insures his/her lasting investment, dedication, and commitment?
  • What if this plan could work on your top 20 prospective campaign donors?
  • What if you were really down to your Last Investor?
  • Would you change the way you are going about this relationship-building stuff?

***This material adapted from my earlier work with uber genius Tom Suddes***


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About the author...
Author, thinker, and consultant Mario Capozzoli writes for a living. Over the years, his words have been "columnized" in op-ed pieces, ranging from his alma mater's student newspaper to the Glendale News Press, a 102 year old southern California daily with a readership of 72,000. Sister paper to the Burbank Leader and the Huntington Beach Independent, Mario's weekly column ran in the News Press for two years.

More recently, Mario's writings have revolved around professional monographs, knowledge management perspectives, and leadership pieces focusing on the not-for-profit world. His specialty is writing succinct, one-page documents that illustrate techniques, practices, and beneficial resources.

On a personal level, his narratives have been published in local and statewide journals. Mario's love of poetry shows his softer side of the written word.

You will find Mario in the middle of grammar, syntax, and word use arguments and debates. He prefers the Chicago Manual of Style as a usage guide! His mentor is Barbara Wallraff, of the Atlantic Monthly's backpage.