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1. Success quotients are not new. Fundamentally speaking, our Trilogy works, as every success must be borne from the fruit of relationships, knowledge, and structure/resources.

2. Organizations have no needs; people have needs. Organization's have solutions.

3. Impact is comprised of 3 elements: people, places, and programs.

4. Stakeholders are multifaceted beings who relate to our For Impact organizations on many levels. WE MUST KEEP THIS IN MIND WHEN WE BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.

5. The best from Tom Peters!!!!!! My Guru. God Bless Tom's brain.

a. Big Change. Short time. Hare 1. Tortoise 0.
b. Passion. Energy. Hustle. Enthusiasm. (Move mountains. No alt.)
c. Emotions = fine. You must care. Soft is Hard. (Hard is soft)
d. Best roster wins!
e. Mentor. (Highest ROI)
f. We all have customers. (Biz = personal)
g. Attitude = 1, Skill = 0, mostly. (OK, 0.3)

6. Must LOVE, not like.

7. Risk. Life is short. Risk a lot. Risk personally. à Love life. Love others.

8. Intellectual capital important. Action even more so.

9. Mutually exclusive, Collectively exhaustive. MECE. McKinsey's problem solving structure.

10. Don't box us in. Circle us in. Boxes don't work.

11. Lessons learned. NO. Lessons executed. YES.

12. You = calendar. (Calendar never lies)

13. GRACE works wonders. Use it. Biz à graceful = successful.

14. 1:1 marketing is the only way to go. Build a picket fence around your customers and focus on what you have.

15. Go Deep, Not Wide!

16. Be in the moment.

17. Seek unfiltered feedback. Be grown up. Deal with it. Accept. Learn. And incorporate new ideas.

18. Everything based on principles and uncompromising integrity.

19. Breathe. Meditate. Breathe. = long, healthy, and happy life.

20. Value-added = one more year of business. Tops.

21. Values-added constantly = one more year of GOOG business. Tops.

22. Constant sales = survival mode.

23. Keep your kimono open! Knowledge is power. But only if shared freely.

24. Mutual trust. Vital. Listen. Comprehend. Smile. Do.

25. More from Tom:

a. High aspirations, high results
b. Tomorrow = never
c. Execution!
d. Work hard > work smart, mostly.
e. Radicals Rule!!!!

26. Head to the mountains. Often.

27. BCQ: basic critical question. How do you know this is true?

28. Ask WHY

29. KM is more important than ever. Today.

30. Plan. Benchmark. Assign. Execute. Monitor. Evaluate. Repeat.

31. Get moving. Eliminate waste. Adapt and grow.

32. Embrace virtual employment.

33. If you don't take care of the customer, somebody else will.

34. The WORLD is your competition.

35. Mutual active concrete help = prosperity and investment

36. Leverage customer enthusiasm!!!

37. Don't just anticipate. Seek direction. Ask customers about next steps. Directions.

38. Be genuine ALWAYS!

39. Values = magnetic true north!

40. Hen and pig: Support vs. Involvement


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About the author...
Author, thinker, and consultant Mario Capozzoli writes for a living. Over the years, his words have been "columnized" in op-ed pieces, ranging from his alma mater's student newspaper to the Glendale News Press, a 102 year old southern California daily with a readership of 72,000. Sister paper to the Burbank Leader and the Huntington Beach Independent, Mario's weekly column ran in the News Press for two years.

More recently, Mario's writings have revolved around professional monographs, knowledge management perspectives, and leadership pieces focusing on the not-for-profit world. His specialty is writing succinct, one-page documents that illustrate techniques, practices, and beneficial resources.

On a personal level, his narratives have been published in local and statewide journals. Mario's love of poetry shows his softer side of the written word.

You will find Mario in the middle of grammar, syntax, and word use arguments and debates. He prefers the Chicago Manual of Style as a usage guide! His mentor is Barbara Wallraff, of the Atlantic Monthly's backpage.