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Overcoming Your Fear of Asking

  • Understand your fears and concerns about asking for a leadership gift and try to overcome them with knowledge
    • The fear of rejection
    • The fear of embarrassment
    • The fear of failure
    • The fear of mandatory reciprocity
  • Overcome those fears by answering the following questions
    • How to make the case for the organization: are you selling opportunities or needs?  Focus on the needs of the people!
    • How to ask: what are the key steps to asking?
    • How to overcome objections: what do you say when they arise?
    • How to properly solicit: do I have all I need to do this?

Fear of Asking
Point / Counterpoint

Point    Counterpoint
I hate to ask for money.   People like, and expect to be asked.
I am afraid to ask.  People give because you ask.
Asking is akin to demanding.    Ask using a question.
If I ask, I may hear ‘no’. Ask and you will hear a ‘yes’.
You don’t ask, you don’t   receive.
It hurts to ask—too stressful. Make it conversational, use your own common sense, and create your own comfortable approach
What if I can’t answer a question? There’s always tomorrow—tell them you’ll get back to them.



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