Purpose, Process, and Deliverables


To quickly bridge the gap between the Discovery Process and the actual formal project (capital campaign, marketing effort, community collaboration, endowment campaign) in such a manner that multiple and sometimes seemingly incongruous important pre-campaign objectives are seamlessly woven into a successful project launch.


  1. In situations where the i team did not perform the “feasibility study” process or when the study was not recently completed, a careful clarification of the feasibility assumptions may need to be accomplished. In most
    cases this is not a redundant or duplicative step, but rather an activity that allows us to both perform minor re-tooling to the launch of the campaign or project and possibly re-connect with those vital stakeholders who
    initially were interested in the project.
  2. Plan, communicate, refine, and execute. After in-depth analysis of the Discovery Process outcomes, a comprehensive plan is created by a design team (by other names: steering committee, advance team, campaign cabinet, etc.) and readied for execution.
  3. Refine the case for the project or campaign, seek appropriate community or stakeholder buy-in, and package the written word in a fashion that effectively speaks to the target markets.
  4. Create internal readiness by building an infrastructure, including office systems, support mechanisms, financial processes, human resources (including volunteers), and financial resources. Important internal
    training and orientation components are included.
  5. Enrich and enroll. Create external readiness by proactively building beneficial relationships with those external to the organization, thereby enriching their understanding and passion for the project, and defining ways in which they will support the successful outcome.


The outcome of this process is the internal and external readiness to fully launch a formal project or campaign, with resources in place, an actionable timeline developed, and a plan of action ready to be executed.


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