Project Coordination Services
Connecting the Dots

Constructing a new building or facility can be a daunting task for many clients. In addition to working with campaign counsel to raise the funds, clients also face a number of other hurdles, such as identifying and obtaining permits and approvals in a timely manner, working with architects and engineers to define and cost out the program, and carefully sequencing the project financing in a way that makes financial sense while keeping the project on track. In many ways, a lack of coordination can cause serious issues with capital campaign success.

At i team, we know that capital campaigns can often be highly complex logistical undertakings that require close coordination among multiple parties, tasks, and timelines. Clients, architects, engineers, the director of development, the chief financial officer, permitting agencies and financing entities all have different needs, timing and expectations. We realize that keeping it all straight is often stressful and confusing for our clients. Making the right choices requires
insight, experience and knowledge—all of which i team brings to the table.

Project Coordination Services blends together our many years experience in capital campaign management with knowledge and multidisciplinary experience in site planning, regulatory review and development. We keep our clients focused and on track by asking the right questions at the right time—before key decisions are made that can make or break a campaign.

We help our clients obtain the approvals and permits necessary to proceed with the development of the project. This may mean requesting a variance or rezoning request, demonstrating consistency with the community’s comprehensive plan or facilitating project information flow to relevant parties. i team can lead or coordinate this process for our clients by considering the community’s regulations and standards throughout the site planning and building program development process.

A sample of what we offer our clients:

  • Development and permitting processes for facilities construction
  • Land planning and site selection services
  • Conservation and environment-focused fund raising
  • Short-term/long-term financing options
  • Timing campaign cash flow with project construction needs
  • Identification of local, state and federal permitting requirements
  • Knowledge of local, state and federal appropriations processes
  • Land acquisition considerations
  • Architectural and engineering services subcontracting facilitation
  • Project lifecycle budgeting
  • Knowledge of local zoning ordinances, health, conservation and wetlands regulations


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