Outline: White Paper on Professional Search and Recruitment Services

1. Value of adding a new business service

a. Average costs of searches in New England
b. Amount of work necessary to successfully accomplish searches

i. Average search and placement completion time

c. Value-added to existing clients or stand-alone search contracts
d. Risks versus rewards

i. Knowledge requirements
ii. Time requirements
iii. Building an effective relational database

2. Client Engagement

a. One pager
b. Marketing, promotions, and communications
c. i team Professional Search Standards

i. Rapport, listening, and interviewing
ii. Ambiguity tolerance
iii. Integrity, diplomacy, and strong communication skills
iv. Our limits

d. Pricing options

i. Contingency (we’re paid only when the candidate is hired)
ii. Retained (we’re paid regardless of the outcome of the search)
iii. Fees and charges for expenses

e. Standard recruitment advertising costs
f. Specialty and/or focused recruitment

i. For-impact community
ii. Executive director or chief staff officer
iii. Development and marketing managers, other

g. Government—municipalities?
h. How does this service fit into our current client relationships?

i. Contract language

3. Position Development

a. Facilitation of discussion and design of a new position

i. If a group is hiring: necessary feedback, consensus, and agreement

b. Framing existing position
c. Discussion, research, and decision about salary range and compensation package
d. Critical job skills, knowledge, attitude, and habits
e. Development of position description, organizational values, and objectives for this position
f. Baseline experience, necessary education, interpersonal skills, career track record, etc.
g. Competitive salary by region for like positions

4. Timing, Expectations, and Decision-Making

a. Timelines, processes, and agreement on the expected outcomes, risks, and challenges
b. Decision tree: who makes the decision(s)? Go/No Go decisions.

i. Group decision
ii. Board involvement
iii. Staff decision
iv. i team involvement and decisions

c. Agreement on how we will advertise position, compensation, benefits package, and fulfillment timing
d. Re-location, cost-of-living, and interview travel

5. Advertising, Promotions, and Recruitment

a. Costs for ads: budgets to work within

i. Online ads
ii. Print ads
iii. Association ads
iv. Internal to organization
v. Word of mouth

b. Promotional descriptions

i. Long versions and short versions

c. Application process: timing and expectations

i. To whom?
ii. Resumes, salary requirements/history, cover letters, and application information

d. Advertising the salary range
e. National, regional, or local search

6. Selection and Interview Process

a. i team’s role and client role
b. Pre-interview

i. Scheduling, travel arrangements, document collection
ii. Interview questions

c. Preliminary information collection

i. Resume, salary history, writing samples, telephone interview, cover letter, project samples, etc.

d. Levels of interviews, finalists, candidate selection processes

7. Offer, Negotiation, and Placement Process

a. Post recruitment process, thank you letters, negotiations, and client agency
b. Limits to what we will do for this phase


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Outline: White Paper on Professional Search and Recruitment Services

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