Board Development

Board development is a catch all phrase capturing the essence of the relationship between a for-impact board’s governance style and structure, and the constituents it represents. Does that relationship need work? Is it strong? How do board members relate to the organization’s executive? How well aligned is the board’s strategic vision with the current and emerging community needs? The list goes on. But one thing is for sure: success lies not in the questions, per se, but in the answers, and how those answers ultimately lead to healthier, more attuned board leadership.

Has your organization’s board experienced the following?

  • Gaps between strategic, long term thinking and the organization’s needs for longer term vision?
  • Unwillingness to raise money and secure the financial resources necessary for program growth?
  • Simple mental road blocks prohibiting it from re-energizing itself and moving forward with gusto and a renewed sense of commitment and leadership?
  • In-fighting and distrust among board members and/or micro-management of its executive?
  • Inability to successfully understand and speak the issues germane to the agency’s stakeholders, clients, consumers, or philanthropic investors?
  • Unwillingness to cast aside old paradigms to make way for new best practices?
  • Misunderstanding of its legal, financial, or fiduciary responsibilities?
  • Deficit of leadership capacity inhibiting you to effectively move to your next success level?
  • Inability to lay the groundwork and develop a positive culture that best serves the mission?
  • Unclear path of next-generation growth that leads to new endeavors?
  • Slow-moving, sloth-like approach to critical, timely issues and opportunities?

The i team provides state-of-the-art counsel and state-of-the-science methodologies to help you and your board transition from its current state to its newly-designed and agreed-up vision…all under the rubric of successfully attaining your mission with a healthy, aligned, forward-thinking board leadership structure. It’s often not easy, but then again, nothing in life that’s worth it normally is.

We provide a successful mixture of proven standards, decades of experience, and new innovations when it comes to facilitating board development. From transformation of your governance structure and function to launching high-performance vision that is best suited to your new challenges; from open-ended discovery processes to coaching and counseling individual members, our approach is tailored to the specific needs of your organization!

Perhaps the most important element we bring to the table is our compassion for and understanding of the process, its players, and the emotions and attitudes that come along with change. Change, despite its daily occurrence, takes a toll
on people, processes, and organizations. Yet, with the appropriate understanding, lots of active listening, and a focus on measurable results, we have found our i team board development process to be a very successful model.


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