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Endowment fund raising is unique and necessitates a highly nuanced approach to its execution. In general, endowment campaigns require more time, expertise, targeted solicitation strategies, and patience than any other type of fund raising.
This means that a for-impact organization would greatly benefit from access to a seasoned professional who guides strategy and solicitation execution.

Before you begin an endowment campaign, please consider:

  • Not every endowment gift is a planned gift, but each gift to an endowment fund tends to be distinct. Most often, large gifts gravitate toward highly unique and personalized planned giving techniques. So, although fewer donors on average give to endowment campaigns, the time and energy spent on each solicitation is often much greater than other gifts. Experienced counsel will make the process easier and less complicated.
  • With increasing frequency, i team recommends a multi-tiered approach to solicitation that includes annual, capital, and planned gifts. Although the vast majority of planned gifts come in the form of bequests, there are
    many other options for your donors. The language, tax benefits, and priorities for solicitation change often. Are you up-to-date on planned giving techniques and how they fit into the mix?
  • Endowment donors are more sophisticated donors. They ask tough questions. They are savvy philanthropists. They are making an investment and think like investors. The i team principals can help prepare solicitors for sophisticated cultivation activities.
  • Endowment fund management requires long-term and high levels of commitment, financial planning, and leadership from the board. There are no quick, easy answers in endowment fund raising. For many i team clients, gift acceptance and investment policy creation, board development, and long-term strategic planning are among the first steps in endowment campaign preparation.
  • Prospects will need to know the entire endowment plan. Endowment donors want to find out about the number of prospects, how the money will be invested, by whom it will be managed, and how the fund raising plan will be executed. i team consultants will help create high-level, detailed case for support tools that drive the cultivation process and provide legitimacy to the endowment campaign.

If properly planned and executed, an endowment campaign will not only increase the opportunity for a specific group of donors to give highly unique gifts, but will also create a sense of urgency among other donors. An endowment success
will help create a new level of sustainability and permanence, which must be shared with your annual donors who will be more likely to increase their level of support. In other words, you benefit from the rising tide mentality. Are your
marketing and solicitation messages tailored to reflect the most timely cultivation strategies?


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