Environmental Statement

Our firm, i team new england consulting, LLC, is dedicated and committed to providing exceptional consulting services to our clients in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Our proactive approach, as New England’s first “green” consulting firm, is engendered in the following corporate behaviors:

Strive to maintain sound environmental-friendly offices

• Purchase post-consumer paper products
• Print collateral material using low chemical or soy-based inks
• Clean using non-toxic, organic cleaning surfactants
• Recycle periodicals, newsprint, and copy paper
• Minimize office-based waste and energy use
• Employ the use of fluorescent light bulbs
• Utilize as many online bill paying services as possible, thereby reducing our reliance on paper

Strive to maintain sound environmental-friendly client relationship practices

• Reduce global warming by voluntarily sharing the cost of Renewable Energy Credits with our clients, effectively neutralizing our CO2 emissions that emanate from our automobiles
• Purchase corporate promotional items made of organic, free-trade cotton and nonplastic promotional products
• Post a web link from our i team website to our renewable energy partner as a means of educating our friends and colleagues
• Promote in our corporate literature that our company is on a low-carbon diet
• Invoice clients on a monthly basis online, reducing our reliance on paper and postal service carbon emissions

March 2007


We use soy-based ink and recycled or post-consumer paper whenever possible.

Bringing New Renewables To Market

Terms and Conditions for
NativeEnergy Business Customers


I, for one, appreciate your commitment to this.  We can all do more than we do, but the good news is that even small steps can add up.  I try, both personally and professionally, to do my part, particularly through  recycling, and I try to instill this in my kids.  Thanks… always glad to pay the very modest surcharge*."

Ronald G. Dufault , Vice President
Financial Development & Communications
YMCA of Central Massachusetts

*In 2007, our five clients joined the i team in helping to offset carbon emissions associated with our consulting services.